Statement of six macroeconomists about Luis María Linde

"As economists specialized in macroeconomic/financial stability, and concerned with the well-being of the Spanish economy, we would like to ask for the immediate resignation of Luís María Linde as governor of the Bank of Spain. His statements about the possibility of a "corralito" (a bank freeze) are extremely careless. They obviously have a political intention, they are in conflict with…

"És L'Hora dels Adéus?", nou llibre de Xavier Sala i Martín

"La demanda dels catalans sembla estranya en un món que no està acostumat a dibuixar fronteres amb la força dels vots. Però hi haurà un dia en què votar per decidir fronteres serà normal. I quan ho sigui, la gent mirarà enrere i pensarà que la situació del 2014 era anacrònica i indecent." Amb un estil directe, clar i contundent,…

The Political Economy of Secession in the European Union

This paper argues the case for the right of secession in Western democracies. I suggest that the winners gain more than the losers may lose. Indeed, the external effects of secession may well be positive. However, the political economy of secession is highly problematic. Ideally, the rules for secession should be set at the international level but international organizations have…

Recull de Premsa de la Presentació del Col·lectiu Wilson al Cercle d'Economia

Aquí teniu un Recull d'algunes de les notícies publicades als diaris i digitals, sobre la Presentació al Cercle d'Economia "Dimensions Econòmiques i Jurídiques de la Independència de Catalunya", amb el Col·lectiu Wilson al complet: Pol Antràs, Carles Boix, Jordi Galí, Gerard Padró, Xavier Sala i Martín i Jaume Ventura. Descarrega el Recull de Premsa en PDF Links amb les notícies…

Breakup of Countries: No Economic Disaster

The largest and some smaller political parties in Catalonia, one of the richest parts of Spain, want to have a referendum in that region on whether they should secede from the rest of Spain. This is despite the fact that during past several decades the central government of Spain has ceded considerable fiscal and other independence to Catalonia and other…

A Time for More Nations

Catalonia, which includes Barcelona, has long been a part of Spain, but its peaceful residents increasingly talk about being an independent country again. In elections over the weekend, where independence was one of the most discussed campaign issues, a majority of offices were won by parties that support more Catalan independence, in one form or another.An independent Catalonia would reinforce…

Per què Catalunya no fracassaria

Article publicat a El Periódico de Albert Solé Ollé, Catedràtic d'Economia de la Universitat de Barcelona, on argumenta que la societat civil catalana té la capacitat de suportar millors institucions polítiques que les actuals en cas d'independència.

Independence, euro and European Union

This article in La Vanguardia is signed by fifteen Catalan economists with different views on Catalan Independence. An excellent example of academics in search of the truth rather than in search of certain political objectives.
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